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1.Abyss Blogger - ITech2.A Dash of Nutmeg (US)
3.A Few of My Favorite Things (US/CAN)4.A Gluten Free Journey (US)
5.a {mod cot} life (US)6.A Mom After God's Own Heart (US) (US/CAN)
7.A Mom's Take (INT)8.A Writer's Mind (INT)
9.Adelle Laudan - Author (US/CAN) (INT)10.Alexia's Books and Such (US)
11.Alice Audrey, Author (US) (INT)12.Amundsen House of Chaos (US)
13.And Then There Were 4 (US/CAN)14.Aubut Family (US/CAN)
15.Being Tazim (INT)16.Believing is Seeing (US/CAN)
17.Between The Lines (US) (INT)18.Between The Pages (US/CAN)
19.Bitten by Books (where amazon will ship)20.Book Obsessed (US)
21.Book Sake (US)22.Diabetic Snacker (US)
23.Books and Things (US)24.Books R Us (US/CAN) - possible (INT) ?
25.Bookworming in the 21st Century (US)26.Bree Bee's Thinking Outside of the Box (US) (INT)
27.Bright Morning Star (INT)28.Broken Teepee (INT)
29.Busy Moms Tips (US)30.Busy-at-Home (US)
31.Cheeky Reads (US/CAN)32.Children Teaching Mama (US/CAN)
33.Chubby Cheeks Thinks (US/CAN)34.Colorcrazed (INT)
35.Coupons Are Great (US)36.Crazy Cat Lady's Library (US)
37.Crazy House (US)38.Curling Up By The Fire (INT)
39.Dark Faerie Tales (INT)40.dBeauty Junkie (INT)
41.Deanna's Tidbits (INT)42.Debbie Sews Retro (INT)
43.DebsHere (US)44.DemonLover's Book Review (US/CAN)
45.Designs By Dawn Marie (INT)46.Dolly Outfitters (US)
47.Ellz Readz (INT)48.Enjoy Life, Enjoy Now (US)
49.eTreasures Publishing (US/CAN) (INT)50.Evoluchun's Misc (US)
51.Extreme Personal Measures (US)52.Fab Find Foodie (US)
53.Family and Life in Las Vegas (US) (US/CAN)54.Fang-tastic Books (US)
55.Farber Family Adventures (US/CAN)56.Florida Frugal Family (US)
57.Forever and After (US/CAN)58.Happy Birthday Author (US/CAN)
59.Health, Beauty, Children and Family (US)60.Home Grown Families (INT)
61.Hookless Shower Curtains (US)62.Hope. Dreams. Life…Love
63.I'm a Lazy Mom (US/CAN)64.Inspired by Fiction (US/CAN)
65.Jeannie Ruesch's Happy Endings (US/CAN)66.Jennifer's Musings (US/CAN)
67.Just My Blog (US)68.LB and J (US)
69.Leksi Designs…This Handmade Life (US/CAN) (INT)70.Let's Just Give It Away (US)
71.Life with 5 monkies (US)72.Lipstick and Luxury (US/CAN)
73.Literaturely Speaking (US/CAN)74.Little Yayas (US) (US/CAN)
75.Live Love Laugh with Leslie (US)76.Love With A touch of Magic (US)
77.Lovin' & Livin' Life Reviews (US)78.Lovin' Life on Less (US)
79.Loving My Life (US) 80.Kelly's Lucky You (US/CAN)
81.Luxury Reading (US)82.Making Time For Mommy (US)
83.Mama B (US/CAN)84.Marvelous Mommy (US/CAN)
85.MI Savings (US/CAN)86.MelissaStuff (US)
87.Mia Ma Miah's Diaries (US/CAN)88.Midwestern Gone Idahoan (US)
89.j is for (US)90.Emmy's Boos and Rawrs (US)
91.Mom to Bed by 8 (US/CAN)92.Momma Maven in the Making (US)
93.Momma Told Me (US/CAN)94.Mommy Has to Work (US)
95.Mommy's Free Time (US/CAN)96.Mommy's Minute (US/CAN)
97.Mother of Pearl It Is (US/CAN) favorite PINK (US)
99.My Life As Grandma (INT)100.My Life with Rats and More (INT)
101.My Silly Monkeys (US/CAN)102.Night Owl Crafting (US)
103.Nine More Months104.Nomie Eco Ware (INT)
105.Not-Really-Southern Vamp Chick106.Of Ink and Quille (US/CAN)
107.Paranormal Bites (US/CAN)108.Past The Print (INT)
109.Proud Book Nerd (INT)110.Reading At The Beach (US)
111.Reading Teen (INT)112.Reading, Writing and Waiting (US)
113.Reflections with Coffee (US)114.Review Retreat (INT)
115.Reviews and Giveaways by The Chickenista116.Rex Robot Reviews (US/CAN)
117.Rockin' Deals (US)118.Sandra K. Marshall
119.Sarah's Blog of Fun (INT)120.Save the Date for Cupcakes (INT)
121.Saving Obsession (US)122.See It! Love It! Win It! (US)
123.Seize the Book (US)124.SidewaysGravity (INT)
125.Simply Living on a Budget (US)126.Simply Stacie (INT)
127.Skhye's Ramblings (US)128.Stanwood PlaySchool (US/CAN)
129.Still Blonde after all these YEARS (US)130.Stretching the One Income Dollar (US/CAN)
131.Studio Chic Design (INT)132.Survey Junkie (US/CAN) (INT)
133.Sweet Mint Studios (US/CAN)134.Sweethearts (US)
135.Tammy's Book Parlor (US/CAN)136.Texas Monkey (US/CAN)
137.The Clever Mommy Chronicles (US/CAN)138.The Coupon Goddess (US)
139.The Freebie Junkie (US/CAN)140.The Girl is A Mom (US/CAN)
141.The Missionary Mama (US/CAN)142.The Mommy Diaries (US/CAN)
143.The Organizing Genie (US)144.The Susquehanna Writers (US/CAN)
145.The Sweetest Romance Authors (US/CAN)146.The Thrifty Things (US)
147.The Two Savvy Sisters (US)148.The Very Best Housewife (US/CAN)
149.This Mama Loves Her Bargains (US)150.Toddler Awesome (INT)
151.Trees Will Bend (US/CAN)152.Tribute Books Reviews & Giveaways (US)
153.Truth Be Told (US) (INT)154.Upstate Ramblings (US) (INT)
155.Village of Moms (US) 156.Women's Life Link (INT)
157.Writing is a Blessing158.Yellow Tennesse (US)
159.Tim and Angi's Family Blog (US/CAN) (US) 160.Today's Adventure (US/CAN)
161.Mysteries and My Musings 162.Leap Books
163.Masalah Bisnis Di Indonesia164.Masalah Bisnis Di Indonesia
165.Masalah Bisnis Di Agen Judi Poker, Domino Online Indonesia Terpercaya Agen Judi Poker, Domino Online Indonesia Terpercaya168.JUDI DOMINO 99 ONLINE ituDomino
171.Daftar Poker Online Terpercaya 
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